The EICAA Pilot Round

The final development phase of the EICAA Digital Platform involved a series of pilot applications across the EU in 2023. Altogether more than 2.000 university students and over 200+ employees of the corporate sector took part in it. The feedback  from these applications nurtured the final version of the EICAA Digital Platform in its form reached until the end of 2023.

Listen to lead investigator Bernd Ebersberger from University of Hohenheim on what the EICAA Pilot Round was about:

Equally important, the EICAA Pilot Round established a valuable pool of user experiences. They offer valuable insights into how the instruments of the EICAA Digital Platform,  namely the Competence Monitor and the Competence Development Kit, can be meaningfully exploited to foster entrepreneurship education in various educational environments and formats. If you are looking for firsthand inspiration on how to embed the instruments of the EICAA Digital Platform meaningfully in your educational or training context, please consult part B of the EICAA Digital Platform User Handbook where all use cases are described in detail:

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If you want to know more about the conceptual background of the EICAA Digital Platform, how to use the platform and what for, part A of the handbook will provide you with all information you are looking for.

Another valuable output of the EICAA Pilot Round is the data established thereof, i.e. all data from the applications of the EICAA Competence Monitor. We have prepared a deeper analysis of it in a separate Data Analysis Report – have a look inside to learn more about the current state of entrepreneurship competence within this unique European sample of learners:

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The report starts by presenting findings on the basis of the entire Pilot Round sample which, however, also takes into consideration different segmentation criteria (e.g. age, gender, etc.). This initial part is complemented by an analysis on the basis of each country represented in the sample. This second part takes into consideration the same segmentation criteria as the first part.

If you want to know how we have prepared the analysis, you may find the R syntax file for download here. To open the syntax “R” as statistic programme is needed.


Keep in mind: Any user of the EICAA Digital Platform can create entrepreneurship competence self-assessments for his or her target group entirely free-of-charge and also download the assessment data afterwards. While the EICAA Digital Platform offers an analytical and visual summary of your data, the syntax file above may be an excellent starting point to conduct a deeper analysis  on your own – as done in our Data Analysis Report.


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