EICAA Competence Development Kit

We not only wanted to provide an instrument for competence (self-)assessment. Rather, we wanted to logically connect the self-assessment results of the Competence Monitor to a large repository of teaching and training resources that educators and trainers can rely on for fostering entrepreneurial competences of learners. This is the idea behind the EICAA Competence Development Kit (CDK).

Listen to lead investigator Anita Zehrer of MCI Management Center Innsbruck on the CDK. Please note that the term “Intervention Repository” used in this video was the original name at the time of recording. Presently, it refers to the “Competence Development Kit”.

The EICAA Competence Development Kit (CDK)

The CDK is fully aligned to the EICAA Competence Framework. Consequently, it offers teaching and training modules for a set of 19 distinct competences along 3 levels of progression (basic, intermediate, advanced). Further, the modules have been designed to be micro-credential-ready, following the latest recommendations of the European Commission.

We recommend using the CDK in combination with the EICAA Competence Monitor. This combined used unfolds the full potential of the EICAA Digital Platform. However, the CDK may serve as a valuable inspiration for fostering entrepreneurial thinking and acting of learners also without prior self-assessment. Check out the full power of the Competence Development Kit here.

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