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As the Entrepreneurial School®, MCI is positioned to provide a meaningful connection between university, grande école, business school, university of applied sciences, and the world of business. It represents a strong international brand that successfully combines: 1. teaching and advanced training; 2. research & development; 3. knowledge transfer; 4. innovative start-ups.
The MCI links together the best out of science, economy and consulting to the unique concept of an international Entrepreneurial School®. It stands for internationality, academic quality, practice orientation, innovation, close cooperation with industry, solution-oriented research and development, first-class infrastructure, a high level of customer and service orientation, and international renown.

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The role of MCI in EICAA

MCI is responsible for the EICAA – Intervention Repository (EICAA-IR), which is aligned to EICAA Theoretical Framework and complements the development of rubric system methodology & monitoring instrument for competence assessment. It foresees the establishment of a catalogue of entrepreneurial learning resources for use in HEI teaching & business employees training (in-house or external).

To fulfil this aim, MCI will benefit from the outputs of the former successfully implemented Erasmus+ project Triple E (Embedding Entrepreneurship Education) and in particular, from the Entrepreneurship Teaching Toolkit & Courses, which will serve as an orientation for the learning catalogue of the present project.
Furthermore, MCI will implement the developed instrument to assess entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial competences among its own students to create an Austrian case and to reveal where outcomes are still suboptimal and where the intervention repository will help to improve performance. Hence, the ultimate goal is to develop a catalogue of entrepreneurial learning resources to create a resource repository for HEIs and business firms to apply the competence assessment instrument and long for innovative learning materials.



Anita Zehrer, Head of Research
Anita Zehrer
Head Research & Development Unit Management & Society, Head Family Business Center

Christine Pirhofer, MCI
Christine Pirhofer
Dissemination Contact
Assistant & Project Management, Research & Development Unit

Desiree Wieser, MCI
Desiree Wieser
Teaching & Research Assistant, Research & Development Unit

Gundula Glowka
PhD Student, Family Business Center