EICAA Competence Monitor

After determining what set of competences matters within entrepreneurship education (see EICAA Competence Framework), we continued with the theoretical preparations needed for establishing the EICAA Competence Monitor by developing:

– a rubric system for entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial competence assessment (building onto prior work from EntreComp) as well as
– entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial competence surveys for self-assessment of a) university students and b) employees.

Listen to lead investigator Wouter van Bockhaven from Antwerp Management School, Belgium about developing the EICAA-Competence Monitor within the 3rd work package of the project:

Rubric System Methodology for Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Competences

The rubric system consists of an evaluation matrix based on the dimensions of the EICAA Competence Framework. Consequently, it replicates the structure of the EICAA-CF, consisting of competences and threads, but also develops a scoring mechanisms on top of that. If you are you interested in the rubric as well as how we developed it, please read up all details in the document below.

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Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Competence Assessment


While the rubric system provided a sound basis to derive questionnaires from it, we needed to:

– construct the surveys in a language and logic that individuals, who are not experts in the field, can easily understand
– validate the survey qualitatively and quantitively through numerous iterations involving several pre-tests and Delphi experts rounds.

All information on this process, together with the final versions of the surveys for self-assessment of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial competences among university students and employees, can be found in the document below. Have a look!

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