Antwerp Management School

ANTWERP, Belgium

Opening minds to impact the world is what Antwerp Management School (AMS) stands for. In all activities AMS challenges (future) managers to question the status quo, come up with new ideas and transform them into businesses and projects that can create impact.
Antwerp Management School has a tradition in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and has entrepreneurship & creative industries as one of its strategic drivers. This is translated in different programs towards young professionals and executives.

Company specific programs to educate people in different companies to improve the entrepreneurial competences of their employees are part of our education, as well as developing new open executive programs in innovation & entrepreneurship to educate executives on various topics (sustainable innovation, technology entrepreneurship, …).
AMS has the oldest master in innovation and entrepreneurship in Belgium and beyond. This is one of the flagship programs of the business school to attract people from all over the world that want to create new things to impact the world.

Antwerp Management School

The role of AMS in EICAA

AMS main activities in the EICAA project will focus on the development and validation of the rubric and the survey. As such, AMS will be engaged mostly with researchers with competences in literature reviews, designing conceptual frameworks, designing surveys and validating the survey(s).


Wouter Van Bockhaven
is a Professor of Strategy and Innovation Ecosystems at AMS. The research of Wouter Van Bockhaven (PhD Applied Economics, UAntwerpen 2014) focuses on developing ecosystems for innovation to overcome barriers to the creation of ‘shared value’ for institutions and shareholders. An integral part of his research is based on supporting various business development and commercialisation projects. His classes are focused on organisation theory, strategy, implementation, performance measurement and innovation management at University of Antwerp, AMS and the Royal Military Academy.

Tanvi Anand
is a Researcher at AMS and she is the newest member of the team. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Statistics at the University of Delhi (India).