University of Hohenheim


With almost 10.000 students, 965 faculty members and a total of 2.113 staff members, the University of Hohenheim is a public research university located in Stuttgart, Germany. The University of Hohenheim, founded in 1818 after a devastating famine, is engaged in foundational research and develops innovative solutions for urgent social matters. The University of Hohenheim distinguishes itself nationally with its unique range and combination of scientific topics.
With its distinct profile in the fields of agricultural sciences, natural sciences, and business, economics, and social sciences, the University of Hohenheim is among the national and international university rankings.

The University of Hohenheim puts a strategic focus of research and teaching on Bioeconomy and Digital Transformation. In entrepreneurship and innovation, the University of Hohenheim is currently building the Innovation Greenhouse a hub of its entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

Luftbild Schloss Hohenheim
Foto: Universit├Ąt Hohenheim / Maximilian Pircher

The role of University of Hohenheim in EICAA

In the EICAA project, the project team will lead the piloting and data analysis. With its expertise, it contributes to all other work packages. In particular, with the experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, teaching the University of Hohenheim will provide support to the generation of the intervention repository, will test the interventions within its Bachelor and Master programs. Additionally, the team will pilot the EICAA-DP among the University of Hohenheim’s students and business partners.


Bernd Ebersberger
Prof. Dr. Bernd Ebersberger is head of the department for Innovation Management. His teaching and research focus on innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, and the role of innovation for corporate transformation.

Louisa Mach
Dissemination Contact
Louisa Mach is the newest member of the team. She has a bachelor’s degree in Management and Education and currently pursues a graduate degree focused on innovation. She is enthusiastic about household sector innovation and management and loves education.