EICAA at the EuroCHRIE & the G-Forum 2023: EICAA Into Practice – Fostering Entrepreneurship Literacy Through Speed Dating

EICAA core staff members Anita Zehrer and Gundula Glowka from MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® recently presented their work on EICAA and Entrepreneurship Education at two renowned conferences, the 26th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and SMEs, hosted by the Technical University of Darmstadt and the 40th Annual EuroCHRIE – The Hospitality & Tourism Educators Conference, held in Vienna. They presented a best practice approach titled Entrepreneurship Education Practice: Speed Dating to Improve Entrepreneurship Literacy.” The aim is to bridge the gap between traditional education and the dynamic needs of today’s industry.

Use Case MCI | The Entrepreneurial School

To address this challenge, the team of MCI has developed a special concept. After students completed the EICAA self-assessment of their competences on the EICAA Digital Platform, they embarked on a three-stage process:

  1. Connecting Competences to Course Content: Students identified and linked their competences to theories, models, and experiences gained during their studies.
  2. Engaging with Family Firms Entrepreneurs: Students interacted with family firm entrepreneurs to understand the challenges they face and how competences can address these challenges.
  3. Speed Dating with Entrepreneurs: In a structured format, students engaged in short intense discussions with family business entrepreneurs, exchanging information and gaining insights into various topics.

The speed dating event aimed to facilitate maximum interaction and knowledge exchange between students and entrepreneurs. Afterwards, a reflective session allowed both parties to share their experiences and observations.

The EICAA Digital Platform proved highly effective in higher education, facilitating the creation and execution of a master’s level management course. Beyond competence assessment, it served as a versatile tool for structuring course content and interactions. Additionally, students didn’t just enhance their entrepreneurship literacy, they also developed key competences like identifying opportunities, fostering creativity, ethical decision-making, self-awareness, motivation, resource mobilization, and effective process management.

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  • EICAA at the EuroCHRIE & the G-Forum 2023
  • EICAA at the EuroCHRIE & the G-Forum 2023
  • EICAA at the EuroCHRIE & the G-Forum 2023
  • EICAA at the EuroCHRIE & the G-Forum 2023
  • EICAA at the EuroCHRIE & the G-Forum 2023
  • EICAA at the EuroCHRIE & the G-Forum 2023