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Global conference on “Responsible Management” at MCI

Under the motto “Societal Impact through Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Responsible Leadership Education for the Changemakers of tomorrow”, executives, researchers, lecturers and students from around the world met at the Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck to exchange latest insights and practical applications of responsible management and discuss the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

150 delegates from 30 countries and a unique program of more than 70 sessions made the conference a resounding success. Over the course of three days, participants engaged in an intensive exchange on the topic of “Societal Impact through Entrepreneurship & Innovation” in a variety of high-level events.

Countless highlights
A number of workshops, on topics such as climate simulation and effective leadership practices, as well as the presentation of research on management education for sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, futures studies, poverty alleviation, gamification, climate change, and sustainable change agents, were highlights of the conference. Panel discussions and contributions from inspiring speakers provided insights on topics such as social entrepreneurship, paradigm shifts, and decarbonization.

Statements & Reactions
“The RMER Conference enabled us to bring international experts in the field of education for sustainable development and responsible business management to the MCI, who further developed these topics in an intensive exchange with each other and with local actors – also in the context of entrepreneurship. We are pleased about the many positive responses and the opportunities for further international cooperation resulting from this.”
Regina Obexer & Desiree Wieser, Conference Coordinators, MCI Center for Responsible Management & Social Impact

“Sustainable development and responsible management are central topics at MCI. Through this conference, we have created an international stage that has focused on the urgency of these concerns, but also on the positive approaches of co-creative collaboration between different stakeholders far beyond the Entrepreneurial School®. The results and responses inspire us to continue working on these issues with energy and strength.”
Andreas Altmann, MCI-Rector

Green Event Tirol
The RMER Conference 2022 was awarded as GREEN EVENT TIROL. Green events are events that give special consideration to ecological, social and economic sustainability. GREEN EVENTS TIROL is an initiative of Klimabündnis Tirol and Umwelt Verein Tirol in cooperation with the province of Tyrol to promote an environmentally and socially responsible event culture.

MCI Center for Responsible Management & Social Impact
In 2021, MCI established the Center for Responsible Management & Social Impact to initiate, coordinate and support actions, projects and activities that prepare our students for a complex and uncertain world, achieve real impact through research, and stimulate, support and advance discourse on engagement, responsibility, sustainability and ethics.

Author: Desiree Wieser (EICAA Core Staff), MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®