EICAA at the 3E Conference

The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Competences Assessment Alliance (EICAA) participated in the ECSB Entrepreneurship Education  Conference (3E Conference) from 10 to 12 May 2023 in Aarhus, Denmark. Led by our project coordinator Florian Bratzke from Univations and EICAA core staff member Ester Bernadó from TecnoCampus, this workshop brought together a community of entrepreneurship educators and researchers. It fostered exchange, inspiration and valuable feedback. With this approach, EICAA aims to shape the future of entrepreneurship education with a focus on entrepreneurship skills.

Florian and Ester presented the core idea and achievements of the EICAA project to the workshop participants at the 3E Conference. More than 20 educators and researchers had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the EICAA Framework, which offers a fresh perspective on entrepreneurial skills. Prior to the session, participants took part in a self-assessment to evaluate their entrepreneurial competences using the EICAA Competence Monitor. This was followed by an interesting discussion and group activities where participants worked together to develop entrepreneurial actions that focused on specific competences identified through the assessment. The results of these collaborative efforts were then presented and discussed in detail, which fostered engagement and shared learning among participants.

Looking ahead to EAIR2023

There is more exciting news for the EICAA project team. EICAA has been approved to participate in the EAIR2023 conference in Linz. This upcoming event will provide another opportunity to connect face-to-face with the minds behind EICAA and have meaningful discussions about the deliverables. Participants will gain insights into many components of the EICAA Digital Platform and learn about its successful deployment across the European Union.

Participating in the 3E conference was a great success for the whole EICAA team and we are looking forward to expanding our network and showing our progress in the project.

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