EICAA Showcases Innovative Digital Platform at the International Entrepreneurship Education Summit 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany

The International Entrepreneurship Education Summit (IEES) serves as a dynamic forum that brings together professionals in innovation and entrepreneurship from universities, corporations, and startups globally. Hosted at the Stuttgart Media University, the summit facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences through best-practice presentations, hands-on workshops, and science pitches.

At the IEES 2023, Bernd Ebersberger and Louisa Mach, representing the University of Hohenheim, seized the opportunity to introduce the EICAA Digital Platform to a distinguished audience of entrepreneurship education experts. Their interactive workshop provided participants with a look into the platform, featuring the Competence Monitor and the Competence Development Kit.

The hands-on workshop allowed attendees to explore various aspects of the EICAA platform, delving into practical use cases. Bernd and Louisa guided participants through the platform’s features, including the innovative Competence Monitor and the versatile Competence Development Kit. Throughout the workshop, different use case scenarios were presented, offering participants valuable insights into the platform’s recommendation system. Attendees gained inspiration for implementing teaching interventions and learned effective methods for assessing entrepreneurship competences within their student cohort.

The presentation of EICAA tools aimed to inspire a greater emphasis on student-driven entrepreneurship education. By providing practical tips and resources, the University of Hohenheim team hopes to foster an environment conducive to the development of entrepreneurial skills among students.

The IEES 2023 served as a platform for EICAA to showcase its innovative solutions in entrepreneurship education. The engaging workshop not only highlighted the features of the digital platform but also encouraged educators to adopt student-centric approaches in fostering entrepreneurship competences.

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