Fourth Issue of the EICAA Magazine

The implementation of the EICAA Pilot Round

The fourth edition of the EICAA electronic magazine (E-Zine) centers around the implementation process of the EICAA Pilot Round. Our five esteemed university partners provide valuable insights into the round’s experiences, results, and overall outcomes. Alongside their accounts, we have included captivating articles about our recent conference visits and workshops related to the project as a whole. We also take a moment to reflect on our last transnational partner meeting held in MatarĂ³, Spain and provide updates on upcoming milestones as we progress towards the completion of the EICAA project. Enjoy reading this issue!
If you’re interested in joining our EICAA Pilot Round, the quarterly issue of the EICAA E-Zine contains all the information you need to become part of the thriving EICAA community.

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