HALLE, Germany

Established in 2006 as an associated institute of Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and with the University as the largest and determining shareholder, Univations GmbH and its nine full time employees are responsible for all strategic entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer activities of the University. Doing so, Univations pursues a holistic approach to innovation and start-up support – from entrepreneurship awareness raising and competence development activities at school- and HEI-level to management consulting in young as well as experienced SMEs. It supports young entrepreneurs and HEI spinoffs in all phases of the start-up life cycle as well as innovate enterprises in their efforts to develop new technologies and services. The essential motivation for this systematic support lies in the creation of premium jobs and a top-skilled workforce within the entrepreneurial eco-system of a structurally catching up region.

As institute positioned directly between academia and commercial enterprises, Univations is ideally suited to take on a decisive intermediary role for EICAA. Univations’ selected team is well proficient in managing large-scale European projects and they are fully aware of what will be required to bring EICAA to full success. As such, Univations is the coordinator for EICAA and proudly leads all tasks related to project management and implemenation as well as evaluation.



Daniel Worch
CEO Univations GmbH

Florian Bratzke
Senior Project Manager
Email: bratzke@univations.de

Katharina Nordhaus
Project Manager
Email: nordhaus@univations.de

Sandra Bier
Project Manager
Email: bier@univations.d