TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme


TecnoCampus is a hub of knowledge, technology and businesses located 30 Km north from Barcelona where several representatives of the quadruple helix interact within multiple opportunities and scenarios, being entrepreneurship and technology a crucial element of the ecosystem. TecnoCampus hosts a start-up incubator, a business park housing 120 companies and more than 700 people, a technological center and three university schools, which are ascribed to the prestigious Pompeu Fabra University, with 3.500 students and more than 300 teaching and research staff and 74 technical staff members.

TecnoCampus’ mission is to act as the territory’s main driving force for creating, capturing, strengthening and retaining the talent necessary for the social and economic development of its area of influence. To achieve this, it fosters an entrepreneurial culture at all educational and training levels with business project incubation and pre-incubation programmes.

TEcno campus

The role of TecnoCampus in EICAA

TecnoCampus is responsible for the EICAA Conceptual Framework, which defines the framework of competences that will be assessed and developed in the project. The departing point is EntreComp, which categorises fifteen entrepreneurship competences in three main areas, namely “ideas and opportunities”, “resources” and “into action”. EntreComp will be analised by systematically reviewing existing literature on factors of successful entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. This will allow a sound operationalisation of EntreComp framework, which will set the foundations for the EICAA-CM (Competence Monitor) and the EICAA-IR (Intervention Repository). TecnoCampus is also co-leading the sustainability of the project, together with the University of Hohenheim and Adsata.



Ester Bernadó, PhD
is Professor and Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology at TecnoCampus. She holds a BSc. Degree on Telecommunications Engineering, a Master’s Degree on Electronics Engineering and a PhD on Computer Engineering. She is expert on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Dr. Bernadó is also certified as professional and life coach and has served as coach and mentor of students and young entrepreneurs. She has organized, taught and facilitated several entrepreneurship courses, workshops and other activities that promote entrepreneurial competences among students and professionals, at the national and international level. Dr. Bernadó is national expert of HEInnovate Facilitators Group (European Commission, DG Education & Culture), which fosters innovative and entrepreneurial Higher Education Institutions.

Jaume Teodoro (Phd, MEng, BEng, MBA)
is professor at TecnoCampus, faculty member of the of the School of Engineering and Technology School and member of the CEO Research Group (Competencies in Entrepreneurship and Occupancy). As a professor, his main subjects are creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as business administration. His main research interests are entrepreneurship determinants and entrepreneurship education. From 2012 to 2018, he held the position of Director of TecnoCampus, responsible of both the university campus and the Technological Park, which includes the management of the business incubator. He started his career as a professor in TecnoCampus (previously named Mataró Engineering School) in 1995 after 2 years as a researcher in what today is Eurecat (main technology transfer institution in Barcelona). In 2000 he left the university and began a career in the digital sector as an entrepreneur (it was the beginning of the so-called Digital Economy). From 2001 to 2012 he had his own business in Digital Media, in 2012 reaching a turnover of € 55 million sold.

Marta Carceller
Project manager at the Projects and Research Office at TecnoCampus. Graduated in Law and Political Science and Administration, and master’s degree in Advanced Public Management at the University of Barcelona. Previous experience working in renowned law firms in the fields of insolvency, mortgage, and tax litigation law. Currently specialized in knowledge transfer with 5-year experience coordinating and monitoring several projects funded by regional, national, and international organisms.