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Entrepreneurial Mindset: How do you get inspired? – TecnoCampus

TecnoCampus integrates university and business in a unique space dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. This ecosystem allows to organise different activities that can inspire, help to land ideas and create synergies between students and entrepreneurs.

Since inspiration can come to each person in different ways, TecnoCampus tries to create activities that facilitate this, such as the Weekend Challenge, a program that runs during a weekend where students form multidisciplinary teams and are guided through a series of activities that help them create solutions to social identified problems or needs. This is one of the ways to empower students to take the initiative and be inspired to come up with ideas for the issues that most interest or concern them.

TecnoCampus has also recently created the “Entrepreneurial Breakfasts”, a meeting point for all those students who want to become entrepreneurs or who want to learn more about the world of entrepreneurship. In these meetings students share their concerns, listen and ask questions to entrepreneurs who are invited to share their experience, and are also informed of all the activities that are carried out related to entrepreneurship. There they have a space where they can meet other students with similar interests, share their ideas or get inspired.

The design of the facilities is also key for inspiration and creativity. TecnoCampus has open spaces where the students and staff can have informal gatherings, with flexible furniture for interaction, co-working and co-creation. For example, the Entrepreneurship Lab is one of these spaces for inspiration. Other spaces are designed for prototyping and simulation, while others are designed for communication and pitching activities. Specific spaces for incubation in general and vertical incubation are also crucial for generating, prototyping, and testing new ideas.

As part of its program, TecnoCampus creates a link between university and business that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship thinking.














Author: Marta Carceller Aragall, TecnoCampus

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