Conference: EICAA partner presented insight into the importance of entrepreneurial skills

Dr. Kristina Bogner from the Innovation Greenhouse of the University of Hohenheim visited the Entrepreneurship Education Academy in August. In her presentation, she provided insight on the importance of a holistic set of competencies and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting in a socially responsible manner represent core competencies for successfully shaping one’s own personal and professional life and the society of tomorrow. Competencies require technical-methodological (cognitive) as well as motivational, personal (ethical), volitional (action-related), and social-communicative components, which can be learned, but not directly taught.

How can we learn from them if competencies cannot be taught?

EntreComp provides a comprehensive description of the knowledge, skills and attitudes people need to be entrepreneurial and create or social, cultural or financial value for others.

At the end of its three-year project, EICAA will provide a digital platform for assessing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills. By developing an intelligent rubric system, the digital platform will provide learning recommendations to improve existing skills.

Indeed, entrepreneurs are made – not born!

Your personal reason – your WHY – is important. Your reflections will provide innovative, long-term ideas that seek to improve our society. Join us, learn from and with others, and take the chance to make a difference!