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The importance of broadening your horizon – ProMedia Kommunikation GmbH

Making steps forward and constantly developing their own structures should be on every company’s agenda. Just focusing on one particular area of work is difficult in today’s ever-changing world. It can work out and offer a safe environment, however, broadening one’s horizon opens up lots of opportunities that not only have an impact on an entrepreneurial but also on a personal level.

Seizing opportunities for more than 25 years is what has made ProMedia Kommunikation GmbH to what it is today – one of the leading multimedia companies in Austria that provides efficient content in text, photography, graphics, animation, audio and video. It started out as a regular public relations (PR) agency fulfilling tasks like writing press releases and organising promotional events among other things. But the aim always was – and still is – to constantly develop and maintain a modern orientation. Therefore, the field of activity expanded over the years from traditional PR tasks to further responsibilities: complex communication strategies, high-profile stories with state-of-the-art technology and events with a broad coverage. All of that creates networks for hosts and participants in the German-speaking countries, but also over all of Europe.

Since the foundation of ProMedia, our portfolio has continuously been expanded, because a key factor for us is learning through experience by working with a variety of clients from different sectors. That mainly has to do with the dynamic process which is at the core of the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial thinking within the agency. It is important to be able to adapt at any time, because of the rapidly changing market situation, new media, digitalisation and many more factors that have to be considered. That is especially the case in tourism – the main area of work for ProMedia. Lifestyle, culture and industry are some other examples within the wide range of topics that are covered by our agency on a daily basis.

The development over the years led to four main areas being covered by ProMedia rather than just focusing on one. The first one remains “classical PR”. We accompany our clients from the first question to the actual implementation of communication procedures. Our work includes consulting in the field of strategy and image, writing press releases and organising press conferences. Due to the ongoing digitalisation, new media and particularly social media have become an important part of our strategy as well which can also be seen as an expansion to “multimedia PR” – another area of our work. Writing used to be central to the transmission of information for centuries. Today, the image plays a major role. As a multimedia content publisher, we have our own TV studio, create story boards, produce audios and videos, are service providers in the TV sector and for live events. The latter leads to the third area: “event PR”. ProMedia has become a PR specialist for events in the tourism, sports and leisure sectors and has established itself as an up-to-date content supplier in the media sector. The events include, for example, the Change Summit, the Sports Summit and the European Media Summit. One of the most important summits for ProMedia is the “International Weather Summit” which is part of the “weather PR”. The summit is an event that Europe’s best-known TV weather presenters and meteorologists are looking forward to every year. In numerous live broadcasts and pre-productions, the crew reports from the most spectacular locations in Tyrol.

All of this shows the openness to new ideas and the willingness to broaden our horizon by diving into topics that are completely different from one another. Therefore, over the years ProMedia has come a long way, developing from a classical PR agency to a multimedia content publisher, organising large events with coverage all over Europe. It contributed to the large success of the company, but also helped the staff in their personal development, as they were and are able to have a look at different topics and expand their knowledge in text, audio and video rather than just one of them. The connection with people from all over Europe may be the most important factor, as it leads to lifelong friendships and opens up opportunities that may not have come if it was not for the diversity of the workplace.

The International Weather Summit is an event that Europe’s best-known TV weather presenters and meteorologists are looking forward to every year.

At the European Media Summit leading politicians, top journalists, academics and opinion leaders gather to discuss the relevant topics of today’s world.

Author: Nemanja Sever (EICAA Core Staff), ProMedia Kommunikation GmbH