EICAA Competence Framework

We wanted to build the most solid theoretical basis for the instruments of the EICAA Platform (Competence Monitor & Competence Development Kit).

To do so, we:
– defined the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework of the EU (EntreComp) to be our starting point,
– investigated what competences belong to the domain of entrepreneurship based on a systematic literature review performed on 139 articles,
– analysed how our results match to and differ from EntreComp.

This work has led us to develop the EICAA Competence Framework (EICAA-CF). While it maintains the same competence areas as EntreComp (“Ideas and Opportunities”, “Resources” and “Into Action”) as well as the underlying competences therein, it also adds new competences, restructures existing competences, and suggests changes on the level of threads.

Listen to lead investigator Ester Bernadó from TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme about developing EICAA-CF within the 2nd work package of the project.

EICAA Competence Framework – Full Version

If you are interested in all details of our research, we recommend to read the full version of the EICAA Competence Framework. It not only provides a thorough explanation for each of the 19 competences. Rather, it also describes what has changed in comparison to EntreComp and for what reason.

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Review of Existing Tools for

Entrepreneurial Assessment and Inventory of Tools – Full Version

Are you interested all details, please read through the full version of our investigation here.

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We have taken chance to share our research with a wider community at the at the OpenU International Conference “Experimenting with Online Pedagogical Resources for European Universities” – Paris, France and the EAIR Forum 2023 in Linz, Austria.

Our contributions are represented by the papers:

– “Online support for education in entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial competences: a proposal for an assessment tool, and support for tailor-made training”  (https://www.mdpi.com/2227-7102/12/11/805)

“The EICAA Competence Framework: A Suggestion for EntreComp 2.0” [PDF]




This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercialShareAlike 4.0 international License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)