University of Szeged

SZEGED, Hungary

The University of Szeged (Szegedi Tudományegyetem, or also known as SZTE) is a prestigious institution in Hungary, where study fields of all walks of scientific life are represented in 12 faculties and the Teacher Training Centre. The SZTE is one of the largest domestic higher education complexes where about 21,000 university students enrich their knowledge, including more than 3,500 foreign students. Following the traditions of the University of Szeged, it unites the high level theoretical foundation with practice based on partnering as well. It considers its main objective to keep up with scientific progress, development of information technology and social demand in order to constantly develop the educational material in the field of a multi-level, multi language education.

The purpose of the University of Szeged is to issue quality degrees meeting labour market demands and that its graduate students would be sought both by national and international employers. It creates such educational requirements for earning its high prestige diplomas that at the same time facilitate the scientific development of its students. The University of Szeged plays an important role in the life of students, it provides equal opportunities and enhances the procedure of becoming intellectuals.


The Role of SZTE in EICAA

The University of Szeged will be responsible for managing and implementing the EICAA pilot round for the higher education side and also take a major part in analysing the results of the latter. To add, The University of Szeged will also take charge for the evaluation routines within EICAA.


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Associate Professor
Institute of Business Studies, Division of Marketing & Management

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Institute of Business Studies, Division of Marketing & Management

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