ProMedia Kommunikation


ProMedia was founded over 20 years ago by journalists as a classic PR agency. At the beginning ProMedia focussed on written press stories. The customers came and still come from the areas tourism, lifestyle, culture, industry and trade. Today ProMedia also acts as a multimedia savvy content publisher, develops complex communication strategies, produces trimedial (text, photography, graphics, animation, audio and video), places stories with a high publicity value using the latest technologies, but also creates events with high reach.
Clients range from Tirol Tourist Board or individual hotels to the tyrolean public transport association.
In addition, ProMedia created events like the International Media Summit (located in Lech am Arlberg), the International Weather Summit (rotating in different tourism destinations in the Alps) and the Change Summit. and


The role of ProMedia in EICAA

ProMedia will be the marketing and dissemination powerhouse within EICAA and take ownership for respective parts of EICAA. Their efforts and coordinative work with respect to the communication of EICAA is considered a key factor to ensure that considerable attention is raised to EICAA activities, output and outcomes. However, ProMedia involvement will not only secure raising attention to and awareness for all relevant project activities along the 3-year course of EICAA implementation. Rather, it will also be decisive to facilitate finding support for the EICAA pilot round within businesses and HEIs external to the EICAA core group and pave the way for sustained exploitation of the project resources beyond project funding time outside the consortium.


Christian Jost
CEO ProMedia Kommunikation
EICAA Project Coordinator

Rafaela Bodner
Public Relations Consultant
EICAA Project Coordinator

Nemanja Sever
Public Relations Consultant
EICAA Dissemination & Communication

Julia Zoller
Public Relations Consultant
EICAA Social Media Manager