HALLE, Germany

Adsata is a young Germany-based IT company specializing in cloud-based software design and development. Established in 2018, Adsata continues to demonstrate fast growth in the Halle/Leipzig region of Germany. With a small team that continues to mature, Adsata offers its unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product in webcam-based eye tracking that allows users to study visual interaction with their content. Adsata was founded on the conviction that innovation starts with visual impact. The team includes talented professionals in business development, visual engagement, and data analytics who leveraged their experience to create the Adsata platform with a focus on providing every market researcher/UX designer the tools they need to drive and maximize visual impact. Adsata continues to develop platforms that aim to be open and put immense value on self-efficacy of their users.


The role of ADSATA in EICAA

Co-leading the EICAA Digital Platform, Adsata mainly aims to bring its technical prowess to EICAA and help the consortium with building its digital solutions. Part of the Adsata platform mainly serves as a complex survey mechanism for webcam-based eye tracking studies, which has provided the company with much experience in survey design and implementation. This experience will be leveraged to provide useful technical solutions within EICAA and bridge the technical gap within the consortium.


Taimur Khan
Founder/Software Lead, Legal Representative

Jonas Kühl
Co-Founder/Business Developer