Outputs of EICAA

EICAA Competence Development Kit
This output represents a preliminary version of the EICAA Competence Development Kit modules. It provides teaching resources that can be used to enhance entrepreneurial competence development.
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EICAA Competence Monitor
In this output the objectives and methodology that have led to the finalisation of the EICAA Competence Monitor rubric system are explained. The main focus lies on the description of the rubric system, its usability and application as well as how it differs from EntreComp. The presentation of final rubric system concludes this output.
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EICAA Competence Framework
This output summarises the EICAA Competence Framework, which defines a complete set of competences that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs should possess to turn opportunities into ideas and into the deployment and growth of value creating activities.
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Existing Tools for Entrepreneurial Assessment and Inventory of Tools
The research summarised in this output sets the first step towards the design of a common entrepreneurial assessment tool by identifying and analysing the existing entrepreneurship competence surveys.
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